Getting Here


Yes, we are pretty much in the middle of nowhere but there are always ways to get where you want to be. It seems that ways to visit us change every month so it is it is easiest to contact us and we can work with you to find out what will work best. These are current options:

From Siem Reap (approx. 3+ hours travel time):

Public Vans leave from Siem Reap to Sreyong town, in Preah Vihear;.After travelling 2 hours on the sealed Route 64, there is a graded dirt road for 34 kilometres, and then 10 kilometres on ox-cart-like trail to BeTreed. We can provide the phone numbers of the van options to your hotel, motorbike taxi or tuk tuk driver who can take you to the meeting point. The vans leaves Siem Reap, usually in the morning but some later also. Note these are local, public vans and you will experience how most Cambodians travel.

COST: Public, shared van is about US$5 per seat. You might want to buy two seats to be comfortable however.

For motorbike pick up, $10-$15 for one way, per motorbike (depending on the season and pick up point).

For 4WD pick up from the landing point or drop off to the van stop, $40 per one way (in one of our beat up off-road vehicles!).

From Phnom Penh, Kompong Thom, or Krong Preah Vihear you can usually get a public bus to drop you off at the Svay Pat turnoff in Preah Vihear province. This is about 40 km south of Krong Preah Vihear and 90 km north of Kompong Thom on Route 12. There are a number of bus companies that travel Phnom Penh to Preah Vihear at various times of day for about $7 a seat. From Svay Pat, we need to arrange onward travel, either a motorbike taxi (about a two hour ride on the back of a 125cc scooter, $15 each motorbike currently) or hiring the local pickup (which I still need to identify – maybe about $50) and they should be able to bring you right to our door.  Please contact us for more details and arrangements.

Disclaimer: Prices quoted are mostly from external service providers and subject to change.

Private Vehicle Rental with driver. If interested, we can put you in touch with various transport providers who can bring you here in a private car from Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Bicycle: We’ve seen intrepid push bike riders all over Cambodia – we are certainly a place you can stop by on your slow journey across Cambodia – you will want to see below for the GPS files to upload. We are 41km from Sreyong Town, off

Dirt Bike: BeTreed Adventures is the ideal place to get to on a dirt bike. Let us know if you are interested in coming out here in this  manner.

The wet season will be different with a few challenges that make life interesting when visiting us. For most of the wet season we are still accessible, however after a heavy rain and if the river is up, we can get a little stuck. We have methods usually involving motorbikes and possibly some walking but this all makes life fun. Just don’t plan your exit on the day you are flying out of Cambodia.

Here is a link to recommended routes to us from Siem Reap and from Phnom Penh which you can see through google maps. Technically you can download (or upload) the kml files and be on your way here.

  • Siem Reap via Sreyong takes you on Route 64 and heads south just before the turn off to Kor Ker Temple
  • Phnom Penh via Svay Pat takes you on Route 6 to Kompong Thom and then forks to the right towards Krong Preah Vihear (Route 12). About 90 km from Kompong Thom, is Svay Pat, where you will turn off to get to us. This road will also take you to the Preah Khan of Kompong Svay temple complex.

There is a google earth map on the contact us page also! Check out the satellite imagery and you can see our green mountain.