Preserve – Protect – Educate – Community Development

…to preserve the Phnom Tnout Community Forest – a 6,400 hectare forest, technically still under application by the Ta Bos Village in Songkom Thmey District of Preah Vihear Province to become Community Forest.  This forest is inhabited by a number of different endangered and threatened mammal and bird species important for Cambodia. The definition of preserve, is “to maintain intact” and for all intents, we are aiming to do that.

…to protect the Phnom Tnout Community Forest, and its furry and feathered inhabitants.  There are many threats primarily logging, poaching and loss of habitat.  A physical presence in the area, active patrolling and law enforcement will work to mitigate these threats.

… to educate the surrounding communities of the benefits of preserving and protecting forests.  The key to gaining community desire to preserve and protect the forest is to demonstrate a tangible and immediate gain that they can earn by refraining from using up these forest resources.  Ecotourism can meet that need. Beyond that, however, we do want the community educated on the benefits of forest preservation.  We want them to know that what they do can make a difference.  And that they can do something, so that there will still be forest, a useful, productive and beautiful forest for their children and grandchildren.

… to meet development needs in the community.   A mandate of BeTreed Adventures is to provide a portion of income to the community for identified community development needs.  This can be for roads, sanitation, education, health, and indeed, whatever the community prioritises as a development need.