We Need a Break

Atypical of tourist receiving establishments, we are offering reduced services on Saturdays. This is our Sabbath and as Christians we believe that it is important to have this day in a week where we stop, avoid unnecessary work and take time to revive from our week.  It is an essential part of who we are and we find it increasingly necessary to guard this day in order that it not become cluttered with things that can be done at another time, and to maintain a semblance of health. So, here is what we are doing:

  • This 24 hour Sabbath period starts from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
  • We are happy having guests on this day to enjoy the nature that is in abundance here. However, there will be no check-ins or check-outs on this day. Please time arrivals by Friday afternoon and departures on Sunday.
  • We will continue to provide meals!
  • There will be no housekeeping unless there is an emergency.  Stays with us on Friday night and Saturday night will reflect a reduce rate as a result of these reduced services (see the rates page for more details).
  • Hiking with either us or our guides will still be usually possible (or you can do self-guided hikes).

Thank you for understanding!