… And Why You Shouldn’t Visit


We love visitors but we also want our visitors to love the place as much as we do. And we understand that this is not the place for everyone. This place is wild Cambodia, untamed. And it is not a five star resort. So be warned. Consider the following checklist of things to expect, before you arrive and maybe if you are particularly averse to too many of these… please reconsider your visit.


  • Bugs of all kinds (expect bug bites, bee stings, ticks and chigger bites)
  • Heat and stickiness and sweat
  • Solitude
  • Absence of air-conditioning
  • Camping like facilities + some comforts, but imagine you are camping so you get pleasantly surprised, and not disappointed
  • Guides who are learning their jobs, and also just learning English
  • Possibility of coming across something dangerous (snakes, scorpions, etc.)
  • Occasional visiting rodents to your house
  • Bumpy roads
  • No medical facilities except for those found three hours away in Siem Reap

… And did I mention the bugs! We have bugs. All kinds. And if you are with an entomologist, then they are all terribly interesting because you find  out all sorts of amazing things about them. But otherwise, they can be a pain. They swarm just after a rainstorm. They bite and sting.  They sometimes get into your food. And they might even get into your bed. Oh, and we have two resident children who might be of annoyance to anyone who doesn’t enjoy telling children stories.

So please, if you think you might not like a truly wild adventure with all of the above, there will be many other options at other places… and just maybe this isn’t the right place for you.