A minimum stay of two nights is recommended.  Of course the longer the better and the more you will be able to explore! But we will allow a one night visit if you really must.

Your activities can be tailored to your interests.

  • Birdwatching will entail early rising and late afternoon hikes to areas frequented by a variety of birds.  Some lucky hikers will be able to experience wildlife encounters: deer, macaques, langurs, gibbons, squirrels, banteng are all resident but many are still a little wary of people for understandable reasons.
  • A zipline ride over the saddle of the mountain and back again each over 300m long taking in views over the forest.
  • A short hike (1.5km) to Prasat Preah Puol, a small temple ruin from the Angkorian period at the top of the mountain and continuing across the mountain top to some waterholes will take up the good part of a day; or over the top to the mountain “ridge” where you can hike overlooking, again a huge expanse of Dry Dipterocarp Forest (about 8km for the loop). There is also a pile of rocks which the French put there – called the French Flagpole by the villagers.
  • A hike to the northern most point on the mountain skirting the Dry Dipterocarp Forest plain, while walking on the edge of the Evergreen this way you can experience Cambodia’s varied forest biomes.
  • A day trip to Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (sometimes called Prasath Bakan) can be arranged. Constructed during the Angkorian era, this is the largest temple enclosure covering five square kilometres. Located about one hour driving time from BeTreed Adventures, travel will generally be on the back of a motorbike (at an additional charge paid to the driver). There is also a small admission charge to the temple.
  • Or, if you prefer. just hanging out in your hammock watching the trees, reading a book, relaxing in pure nature.