Accommodation and Meals

BeTreed Adventures now has three accommodations from which you can choose. Each is nestled in its own little forest spot to offer private views and allowing one to feel enveloped by nature. We can work with you to host larger groups and can arrange places for overflow guests if needed. Please check the gallery for more photos of our accommodations.

The Monkey Pod

IMG_4929Our first treehouse situated at the foot of the Phnom Tnout Mountain features faraway views. Nine metres from the ground in a very sturdy Monkey Pod Tree, you will awaken to the sounds of birds calling (almost guaranteed) and gibbons singing (usually).  Silver langurs often visit the nearby trees, snorting like pigs and rustling their way around the canopy. There is a toilet and sink upstairs in the treehouse and a shower room at the base of the tree. This treehouse can accommodate up to four with one queen sized bed and two single floor mattresses for extra guests if required.

The Stilt Houses

Two semi-traditional houses built on stilts each contain a queen sized bed as well as single mattresses on a platform for three more people as needed (or a daybed area when not needed). The house features an inside bathroom with hot water.


Currently we are operating like a “bed and breakfast” establishment (but providing lunch and dinner too). Meals can be provided in your rooms, with us in our dining hut, or wherever a picnic is desired. Currently, we offer family style meals – just let us know if you want to eat with us or have the meal delivered to your own house. If you are on a hike for the day, we can send a packed lunch.

We are trying our best to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and so here, we will be providing you with healthy and vegetarian meals. Our menu is a mix of adapted local, Asian and international food which we hope you will find tasty! And there will be enough for even the most hearty of eaters. Let us know of your specific dietary needs and we will work to accommodate these (and also let us know of any foods you really, really hate and we will remove them from the menu!).

The beverage selection is also limited to healthy and easily transported items. Bottled water is not provided.  Instead, reusable water bottles and water filters are provided. Rehydration packets are provided on request and can be used liberally. Other beverages available are a small range of herbal and black teas, and coffee and fruit juices.