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This forest is our home and we are anxious to share the beauty with friends and new friends.

So, what should you expect? One thing, as we have been hosting our guests during our initial startup year, has been that each time a guest comes, it feels like we are having friends visiting. I think I need to liken any visit to BeTreed more like a “visit with the Davis family who live in the middle of the forest,” rather than a “visit to BeTreed Adventures, the ecolodge” … if you know what I mean!  BeTreed is very close to our hearts and we want to share that with our guests – so at the moment we are heavily involved… in everything. And while we have a small team of local staff, we are working closely with then and you will likely see a lot of us!

Other things to expect! If you think “camping” when you come, you won’t be disappointed! Even though we are endeavouring to make accommodations as comfortable as possible, please remember that this is still forest. You won’t be staying in an air conditioned, sealed-off building. In fact, one of our design principles has been to ensure you are fully experiencing the good clean forest air, with unobstructed forest views and sounds. Our buildings are designed to take advantage of natural airflow, with big windows and in many cases no windows.

So sometimes, this might just bring in just a few bugs and other creatures…It is important to know what to expect and if you expect the worst, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

It will be hot and sticky (unless you come during a cold spell which might come in December or January – or might not). We don’t have any waterfalls to bathe under. We are in a dry forest and from January through to April and May, it looks really dry. But in the wet season (with first rains usually starting in late April and May), the leaves start to leaf out, grass turns green, and the place comes alive.

For nature enthusiasts, hiking, just being still, birdwatching or tracking the gibbons might be something you enjoy. And if you don’t want to hike too far but still want to see a view, we have a pair of ziplines to fly on providing unobstructed views over the forest. The mountain is home to its own little cave temple and there are evidences of the ancients found all over the place.

Let us know what interests you and we can tailor your visit.