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Our good friend Sayha called us a month of more ago asking if we could host a school group of 40 teenagers from Hong Kong. Ben the ever optimist and Sayha, Ben’s equal in optimism chatted about it and agreed it would be fine! Being the end of the wet season I was still a bit wary. But everyone else was willing so it was to be.

Well, they came yesterday and today and we survived! And we had fun. It was a great group of kids. Helpful, polite and very enthusiastic! It was hard for some of them with no airconditioning and bugs and not enough electricity to run their hair dryers and eating vegetarian food, but they survived too! It was great hearing about the stars that they could see – one was so impressed to see the Orion! The animals were out and the hiking groups had a chance to see banteng and langurs although I think only our guide saw them as he was in front, as they went running (or jumping) off. So, I hope it was a good experience for them all and that they can now see beyond the concrete of Hong Kong and find a love of nature. It was certainly good for us and we are learning everyday here!

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