On Being Green


Apart from the obvious, conservation aspect of this project, there are more ways that we are working to minimise environmental impact of your visit here:

  • All our buildings will have a story to tell about where its timber was sourced. Our initial two guest houses have used dead trees sometimes standing, sometimes fallen—but dead; scraps and waste left over from previous logging; or timber imported from older buildings.
  • Solar Energy is the primary power source.  Energy efficient lighting is used throughout. A diesel generator is used only for occasional supplementary, high-power needs.
  • A gravity flow water system provides water without power consumption.
  • We are growing a fruit and vegetable garden, and where possible will serve home grown produce.
  • In order to promote principles and health and environmental sustainability, food served is also vegetarian.
  • Bottled water is not provided.  A reusable water bottle and water filters (in your rooms) are provided instead.