Our Story

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We are development workers, with too many years to count, here in Cambodia.  For years we dreamed about finding a spot of untouched forest to preserve and protect.  Seeing Cambodia losing its forests at an alarming rate (the worst in the world right now!) was disheartening and seeing (and attending!) all the workshops talking and talking about the problems but not actually doing anything was getting, annoying, frankly. They were often talking about forest that was no longer there. People just needed to do something… why not us?

Our development approach has always been working directly with community partners–and through helping one person, we can impact many.  This initiative now sees us working to preserve and protect forests, but by operating in only one, and hopefully making a difference to this little corner of Cambodia, to somehow keep it green.

Ben has been in Cambodia since 1992 mostly working in the water and sanitation, and community development sector.  He has been in the bottom of hundreds of wells, finding innovative solutions to getting water out of rock.  He has not enjoyed the administrative side of development and has worked hard to get into his dream job of life without a computer.

I (Sharyn here writing), have been involved in everything development related – finance management, participatory learning, proposal writing, partner training, project advising, meetings and meetings.   Spending more time lately attempting to educate our wild children.

Our daughters, Amelie, the twelve year old and Jarrah, the eight year old are also here to help you to better experience our forest (be warned).