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Cambodia is in the middle of an extended drought. Usually by Khmer New Year’s – which has just passed.. we have had our first rains and the heat abates a little. But currently, there is not a cloud in sight and the temperatures just keep getting hotter and hotter.. pretty much hitting 40 degrees C every day.

Our water situation is also getting pretty scary. We tapped into a spring on our mountain which the villagers assured us had never run dry. However pretty much all the springs on the mountain have dried up except two of them and we are just  waiting for when ours will cease to run. Last night our pipes were not sprouting forth any water and I was getting a little worried. Ben assured me that if the spring were to run dry, that it would be in the daytime, not at night. So this morning he checked and the spring was still Ok. Working down the line, he had found that some pigs had damaged a section of pipe – so we are all OK.. for now! But with no rains predicted in the next few months, it is only a matter of time. Fingers crossed and prayers sent!

What this means right now however is that the animals are flocking to any source of water available. We have put up a camera trap on one of the water tanks and the birdlife is just incredible. Even a langur made the scary descent to quench his thirst.

So here are a few links to some of the videos we have been getting nearby our place, at the water tank and other nearby places. The hunters have been particularly active lately so the wildlife is also concentrating nearby our place.

You will see (above) a limping banteng, a thirsty langur, a skinny dhole and some birds enjoying playing in the water.





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