The Birdlist

There are going to be some people who want to know what birds we have in our forest. So for list-minded people… the list is listed below. In March 2016 we had a small team of enthusiastic and very skilled birders visit, including Frederic Goes of The Birds of Cambodia: An Annotated Checklist fame; and Suy Senglim and Kong San Ratanak, both excellent birders and wildlife photographers. They were able to confirm and add to our bird list, now up there with over 120 species.

We are most worried about the White Winged Duck, our very endangered bird. A pair was seen in April 2013, then a lone duck in 2014. We heard in September 2016, a hunter had seen a number of them (and tried to kill them). We sincerely hope he was unsuccessful. We shall have to do some more research to determine their real status.

Notable on this list is that we have recorded 15 of a possible 16 species of woodpeckers!  These are one of my favourite birds. Now I need to go and at least nail down this species for my own personal list. And if you are not familiar with the status coding – see the key at the bottom of the table. And.. And .. click here for pdf version of the birdlist to download if you prefer.

Francolins, Quails, Partridges & Pheasants (Phasianidae)
1 Chinese Francolin ទទាតុកាតតតតា R
2 Scaly-breasted Partridge ទទាជើងបៃតង R
3 Red Junglefowl មាន់ព្រៃ R
4 Green Peafowl ក្ងោកបៃតង r
5 Siamese Fireback ស្តេចកូលីត R
Whistling Ducks, Ducks & Pygmy-geese (Anatidae)
6 White-winged Duck ទាព្រៃស្លាបស r
Storks (Ciconiidae) & Ibises (Threskiornithidae)
7 Woolly-necked Stork សត្វកស (តាត្រុំ) R
8 Lesser Adjutant ត្រដក់តូច R
9 Giant Ibis ក្ងយក្ស(ឪឡឹក,ត្រយ៉ង់) r
Bitterns, Herons & Egrets (Ardeidae)
10 Cinnamon Bittern កុកម្ទេសទុំ R, w
11 Chinese Pond Heron កុកក្រកក្បាលត្នោតចាស់  W
Hawks (Accipitridae) & Falcons (Falconidae)
12 Black Baza ស្ទាំងស្លាបឆែកខ្មៅស R,p
13 Crested Serpent Eagle អកពស់ព្រៃ R
14 Shikra ស្ទាំងស្លាបឆែកស្រុក R
15 Mountain Hawk Eagle អកភ្នំ r
16 Collared Falconet ស្ទាំងស្លាបស្រួចតូច R
Lapwings & Plovers (Charadriidae)
17 Red-wattled Lapwing ត្រដេវវិចទួល R
Doves & Pigeons (Columbidae)
18 Red Collared Dove លលកទ្រាំង R
19 Spotted Dove លលកបាយ R
20 Emerald Dove លលកស្លាបបៃតង R
21 Thick-billed Green Pigeon កំប្លុក(ពពូលចំពុះធំ) R
22 Yellow-footed Green Pigeon ពពូលជើងលឿង R/r
23 Green Imperial Pigeon ព្រាបព្រៃ R
Parrots & Parakeets (Psittacidae)
24 Vernal Hanging Parrot សេកក្រិច R
25 Blossom-headed Parakeet សេកអាត់ R/r
26 Red-breasted Parakeet សេកសក(សេកយី) R
Coucals, Malkohas & Cuckoos (Cuculidae)
27 Greater Coucal ល្អួតធំ R
28 Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo សត្វយំ R/r
29 Green-billed Malkoha តុកកាគូ R
Owls (Tytonidae & Strigidae) & Nightjars (Caprimulgidae)
30 Brown/Buffy Fish Owl ទីទុយត្រីថ្ងាសត្នោត r
31 Asian Barred Owlet មៀមតូចព្រៃ R
32 Brown Boobook មៀមខ្លែងព្រៃ R
33 Large-tailed Nightjar ពព្លាក់ចង់ R
Treeswifts (Hemiprocnidae) & Swifts (Apodidae)
34 Crested Treeswift ត្រចៀកកាំព្រៃ R
35 Brown-backed Needletail ត្រចៀកកាំធំខ្នងត្នោត R
Trogons (Trogonidae) & Rollers (Coraciidae)
36 Orange-breasted Trogon ត្រហ្គនពោះលឿង R
37 Indian Roller ទាវខៀវ R
Kingfishers (Alcedinidae) & Bee-eaters (Meropidae)
38 White-throated Kingfisher កដបទ្រូងស R
39 Blue-bearded Bee-eater ត្រដេវព្រៃ R
40 Little Green Bee-eater ត្រដេវតូច R
41 Chestnut-headed Bee-eater ត្រដេវក្បាលត្នោត R
Hoopoes (Upupidae) & Hornbills (Bucerotidae)
42 Common Hoopoe បាគូ R,W?
43 Oriental Pied Hornbill កេងកងតូចសខ្មៅ R
44 Great Hornbill កេងកងធំ R
Barbets (Megalaimidae)
45 Lineated Barbet ប៉ោលតោកក្បាលព្រលែត R
46 Green-eared Barbet ប៉ោលតោកត្រចៀកបៃតង R
47 Blue-eared Barbet ប៉ោលតោកថ្ងាសខ្មៅ R
48 Coppersmith Barbet ប៉ោលតោកអំបុក R
Woodpeckers (Picidae)
49 Heart-spotted/Black-and-buff Woodpecker ត្រសេះតូចពពាលបំពងកស R/r
50 Rufous-bellied Woodpecker ត្រសេះពោះត្នោត r
51 Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker ត្រសេះខ្មៅសតូច R
52 Spot-breasted Woodpecker ត្រសេះខ្មៅសអង្កន់ពោះ r
53 White-bellied Woodpecker ត្រសេះធំពោះស r
54 Greater Yellownape ត្រសេះកំប៉ោយលឿងធំ R
55 Lesser Yellownape ត្រសេះកំប៉ោយលឿងតូច R
56 Laced Woodpecker ត្រសេះបៃតងក្បាលក្រហម R
57 Streak-throated Woodpecker ត្រសេះបៃតងកឆ្នូត R
58 Black-headed Woodpecker ត្រសេះបៃតងក្បាលខ្មៅ R
59 Grey-headed Woodpecker ត្រសេះបៃតងក្បាលប្រផេះ r
60 Common Flameback ត្រសេះភ្លើងធំ R
61 Greater Flameback ត្រសេះភ្លើងតូច R
62 Rufous Woodpecker ត្រសេះត្នោតចំពុះខ្មៅ R
63 Great Slaty Woodpecker ត្រសេះធំប្រផេះ R
Broadbills (Eurylaimidae)
64 Banded Broadbill សត្វចំពុះធំលឿងក្រម៉ៅ R
Flycatcher-shrike and Woodshrikes (Tephrodornithidae) & Ioras (Aegithinidae)
65 Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike អល់អែកស្លាបខ្មៅឆ្នូត R/r
66 Common Woodshrike អល់អែកតូច R
67 Common Iora ចេកចៅស្លាបខ្មៅស R
68 Great Iora ចេកចៅស្លាបខ្មៅ R
Cuckooshrikes & Minivets (Campephagidae)
69 Large Cuckooshrike អល់អែកធំ R
70 Indochinese Cuckooshrike អល់អែកស្លាបប្រផេះ R
71 Ashy Minivet ចេកទេសខ្មៅស W,P
72 Small Minivet ចេកទេសតូច R
73 Scarlet Minivet ចេកទេសធំ R
Erpornis (Vireonidae) & Orioles (Oriolidae)
74 White-bellied Erpornis ចាបដូនតាកំប៉ោយ R
75 Black-naped Oriole ចេកទុំកញ្ចឹងកខ្មៅ W,P,r?
76 Black-hooded Oriole ចេកទុំក្បាលខ្មៅ R
Drongos (Dicruridae)
77 Black Drongo អន្ទេបខ្មៅ Wv
78 Ashy Drongo អន្ទេបប្រផេះ W,P,R
79 Bronzed Drongo អន្ទេបខ្មៅផ្លេក R
80 Hair-crested Drongo អន្ទេបកំប៉ោយខ្សែ R
81 Greater Racket-tailed Drongo អន្ទេបទងកន្រ្តៃ R
Fantails (Rhipiduridae) & Monarchs (Monarchidae)
82 White-browed Fantail កញ្ជាក់ស្លាចិញ្ចើមស R
83 Black-naped Monarch សត្វសួគ៌ាខៀវ W,R
Jays, Magpies, Treepies & Crows (Corvidae)
84 Eurasian Jay ឆ្អងឆ្អតខ្លួនត្នោត r
85 Red-billed Blue Magpie ឆ្អងឆ្អតខៀវ R
86 Rufous Treepie ឆ្អងឆ្អតលឿង R
Canary-flycatchers (Stenostiridae)
87 Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយលឿងក្បាលប្រផេះ W,r
Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)
88 Black-crested Bulbul ពពិចក្បាលកំប៉ោយខ្មៅ R
89 Sooty-headed Bulbul ពពិចក្បាលខ្មៅចុងខ្នងស R
90 Stripe-throated Bulbul ពពិចពុកមាត់លឿង R
91 Puff-throated Bulbul ពពិចបំពង់កសទ្រូងលឿងចាស់ R
92 Grey-eyed Bulbul ពពិចបៃតងគូថច្រេះ R
Swallows (Hirundinidae)
93 Barn Swallow ត្រចៀកកាំខ្មៅស្រុក W,P
Leaf Warblers & Seicercus Warblers (Phylloscopidae)
94 Radde’s Warbler ចាបដូនតាស្លឹកពណ៌ច្រេះធំ W,P?
95 Arctic Warbler ចាបដូនតាស្លឹកអាក់ទិក W,P
Cisticolas, Prinias & Tailorbirds  (Cisticolidae)
96 Rufescent Prinia ចាបដង្កូវស្លាបពណ៍ច្រេះ R
97 Grey-breasted Prinia ចាបដង្កូវទ្រូងប្រផេះ R
98 Dark-necked Tailorbird ចាបតេតព្រៃ R
Scimitar Babblers & allies (Timaliidae)
99 Pin-striped Tit Babbler ចាបដូនតាព្រៃបំពង់កលឿង R
100 Chestnut-capped Babbler ចាបដូនតាព្រៃបំពង់កស R
Laughingthrushes, Siva & Mesia (Leiothrichidae)
101 White-crested Laughingthrush ចកវ៉កកំប៉ោយស R
102 Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush ចកវ៉កវ័ណ្ឌទ្រូងខ្មៅ r
Fairy-bluebirds (Irenidae) & Nuthatches (Sittidae)
103 Asian Fairy-bluebird ចេកទុំខៀវ R
104 Neglected Nuthatch ចាបសំបកឈើពោះច្រេះ R
105 Velvet-fronted Nuthatch ចាបសំបកឈើចំពុះក្រហម r
Mynas & Starlings (Sturnidae)
106 Common Hill Myna សារិកាកែវវង R
Robins, Forktails, Chats & Rock Thrushes (Muscicapidae)
107 Siberian Blue Robin ល្វាចេកខៀវ W
108 White-rumped Shama ល្វាចេកព្រៃ R
109 Blue Rock-thrush ពពិចថ្មខៀវ W
110 White-throated Rock-thrush ពពិចថ្មបំពង់កស W
Flycatchers & allies (Muscicapidae)
111 Asian Brown Flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយត្នោតព្រៃ W,P?
112 Taiga Flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយត្នោតស្រុក W
113 Verditer Flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយពណ៌ទឹកសមុទ្រ W,P?
114 Hainan Blue Flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយខៀវហៃណាន nbv?
115 Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher ចាបស៊ីរុយខៀវវាលទំនាប R
Leafbirds (Chloropseidae)
116 Blue-winged Leafbird ចេកខ្ចីស្លាបខៀវ R
117 Golden-fronted Leafbird ចេកខ្ចីថ្ងាសភ្លើង R
Flowerpeckers (Dicaeidae)
118 Thick-billed Flowerpecker ចាបកន្លង់ចំពុះធំ R/r
119 Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker ចាបកន្លង់ចខ្នងក្រហម R
Sunbirds & Spiderhunters (Nectariniidae)
120 Brown-throated Sunbird ចាបកន្លង់បំពង់កត្នោតចាស់ R
121 Purple Sunbird ចាបកន្លង់ខៀវចាស់ R


R = widespread resident
r = very local resident
W = widespread winter visitor
w = sparse winter visitor
P = widespread migrant
p = sparse migrant
V = vagrant
? = status uncertain
rI = introduced resident
(ex) = extinct